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Alamo City Cruisers is San Antonio,s first PT Cruiser Car Club.
The purpose of the Club is to provide a place for PT owners and enthusiasts to get together and share
the mystique of the PT Cruiser. It is a place for members to show and talk about their cars and the
work they have done on them. We have cars that are completely stock and some that are highly
customized,the main objective is to have fun in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.
The Clubs objective is to get together for fun & relaxation, Charity events, taking day trips or a dinner
or breakfast cruise or join in with some of the other Texas Clubs on their outings which can be for a
day or weekend trip. If you are a little more adventurous there are some good out of state trips also,
It's a good time for all no matter if your single, married or have a family cruiser, every one is
Join us at a meeting or event you don't have to be a member to attend
A PT Cruiser isn't just a car it's a Life Style

Great People, Cool Cars

Member of the Alamo Area Council of Car Club
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